In the last 5 years of activity we drilled 62 wells to provide water for people and 97 wells to analyze horizontal aquifer. To avoid groundwater contamination we safety and regulatory abandoned 48 water wells, 10 has been restored and 3 cleaned. The deepest well that we bored is in the south of Republic of Moldova in 1977 and it has a deep of 1065 m, the well supply thermal water for balneological purposes. The smallest deep has a well with 15 m hole, and it is situated in the middle Sarmatian sands with a productivity 0,5 m3/oră.

In our lab we daily analyze over 300 samples among that 45 % of samples are from projects with fund from State budget.

During 2015 year we provided investigatory services for 12 wells by electric logging and gamma.

In the last 5 years “EHGeoM” has drafted over 90 artesian well drilling projects and 15 well abandon projects.

Yearly we have performed less 10 mining geological exploration and 20 hydro-geological researches.