Issuance of advice on engineering geological research results. The geological engineering advice represents the engineering-geological summary documentation intended for preliminary design stages. The main objective consisting in determination of existence of some geological engineering conditions favorable to build which are presented the general geological conditions of the planned emplacement.

Advice geological engineering is requested for:
- Issuance building authorization in areas where occur the technogenic hazards (landslides, floods, sub inundation, erosions, ravines).
- Elaboration of technical documentation for general urbanism (PUG) zonal (PUZ), detailed (PUD).
- Identifying the protection areas of infrastructure and national economic objectives.

The advice issuance is executed the visual field research and is studied the characteristics of subsoil sector:
- The geomorphology of studied area by describing of relief forms with anticipation of evolution and their dynamics;
- Geological structure (general description of stratification and tectonic field);
- Hydro geological condition describing groundwater regime and hydrographic network (flow direction of the water and rocks features);
- The base rock of the field and its condition;
- Vegetation (description of the type and its influence on the field stability);
- The degree of seismicity;
- The depth of frost and climatic conditions of the area;
- Observations on existing buildings; 

The necessary documentation
- Application for issuing of engineering geological advice;
- Plan / sketch the location of research area;
- Copy of field title deed (if applicable).