The first operation in the execution of water well is drilling the borehole, and then it is necessary to make the geophysical analysis (logging radioactive) determines the presence of water-bearing layers. Then, are installed casing pipes and water filters according to the tubing draft, followed is introduced the quartz gravel into the annular space formed by the wall of the borehole and the casing, after which above the last water layer is poured a plug of cement to isolate the water layers for not to be contaminated by surface water.

The equipment and machines from endowment, gives us the possibility to drill wells up to a depth of 500 m, with a diameter up to 500 mm. The borehole lining can be achieved with metal or PVC pipe.

In the technological process is used the method of drilling using boring mud which allows qualitative execution and respect all parameters. In order to avoid contamination of aquifers and ensuring groundwater extraction of high quality, underground geological layers will be bounded by cementing.The execution of the works is carried out in strict compliance with project documentation, normative and legislative acts in effect.