The State Enterprise “Hydro-geological Expedition of Moldova” holding the license to carry out the projection and liquidation works of artesian wells. Projection of wells drilling is developed based on the hydrogeological research results for evaluation of groundwater reserves, carried out in accordance with monitoring programs of groundwater condition. Within our company the project for drilling water wells is drawn up by hydrogeological specialists with extensive experience in the field. The projection of artesian wells is necessarily coordinated with the Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources, which issuing advice and identification number for each fountain. After submitting the application and signing the contract, the beneficiary together with representatives of ”EHGeoM” convenes the working commission to determine the exact location of the well.

The Working Commission will be composed of:
- Commission President - Mayor;
- Chief architect;
- Cadastral engineer of the Municipality;
- Designer;
- A representative of the Ecological Inspection;
- A representative of the Centre for Public Health;
- A representative of the Emergencies Service (if appropriate).

In maximum 15 days after the commission meeting, the beneficiary must submit the following documents:

- Local Council Decision concerning the allocation of land for drilling probe (by outlining a first sanitary protection perimeter - 30 m radius);
- Urbanism certificate with land scheme where will be located the well, targeted by the representatives of mayor’s office and by the district architect;
- Certificate from Public Health Center;
- Inspection Act and the certificate from Ecological Inspection;
- Water flow investigation Report (for 24 hours);
- Copy of the sale contract and geometric plane (if necessary).

After obtaining the coordination advice for drilling of projection well, designer develop the project which regarding location, required productivity, deepness, construction, flow well, submersible pump type.

The finished project is examined and approved at the meeting of the Technical Council of the enterprise. One of the most important activities for groundwater protection is to create sanitary protection zones. For all artesian wells, regardless of their purpose of use, their owners or administrators are obligated to improve the sanitary protection areas. Technical project for the drilling wells will include the delimitation of sanitary protection zones of water intakes. Additionally in project will be annex, the study program of drinking water, which will contain: General Information, underground and surface sources.