Based on the technical task submitted by the beneficiary, team of experts of Hydro-geological Expedition of Moldova will conduct the hydro geological research in accordance with the Subsoil Code and "Instruction on the classification of exploitable reserves and prospective resources of potable groundwater, technical and mineral of wells".

The object of study is an aquifer. The main parameters of estimation are the boundary conditions of the aquifer, hydro geological indicators, and thickness of the aquifer, groundwater quality and quantity.

Based on the obtained data, are evaluated exploitable groundwater reserves that can be potable, technical or mineral.
Hydro geological research assumed the collecting, systematizing and studying materials from the State Funds, with information on subsoil and materials of well exploitation. The investigation supposes water sampling, laboratory work and study of the chemical composition of groundwater. Researches materials are generalized in a report that is presented to the Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources and subsequently proposes for approval to the State Commission for Reserves of widespread useful mineral substances.