The State Enterprise Hydro-geological Expedition of Moldova is the only company (in the country) authorized to perform geological exploration works of the useful mineral substances, which is the most important stage of their operation.  Geological exploration works are carried out according to the Subsoil Code.

The exploration is a geological research stage which includes all activities necessary for evaluating solid useful mineral reserves, detected as a result of regional geological survey works.

Exploration is performed using mining workings and drillings. Samples of useful mineral substances are extracted through exploration then are sampled and analyzed to know their quality of useful component content and physicochemical properties.

Depending on the type of investigated sector, exploration work is divided into two categories:

Detailed geological exploration – (for unknown subsoil sector) – aims to determine the forms, dimensions and content of investigated useful substances, the quantity and quality of reserves, technological, hydro-geological and technical economic conditions of exploitation of useful mineral substances, thickness and composition rock of uncover. Detailed exploration work based on the results of regional geological research. Duration of works depends on the field researches results.

Additional geological exploration - is carried out in framework of deposits in course of exploitation and aims at exploring the area poorly researched.  Establishing the perspective directions for follow-up the exploitation works and assessing the quality and volume potential of useful mineral reserves.

Geological exploration works are executed for reopening of old deposits, partially researched and exploited.